CARLOS SANTANA: "I got to see there was a lot of people like myself who were smoking pot. "Sacred Sacrament" as Bob Marley would say and we opposed the Vietnam War. And it felt really encouraging to know that I wasn't alone, that a lot of people, kindred souls like myself, you know, we didn't have to hide in alleys anymore to do the sacrament. Just like they drink wine at church every Sunday, you know, it's the same thing when you smoke a joint. It's no different, man... We'd accepted a lot of different teachings because I was raised a Christian. And we have moved beyond and through Buddhist thought and Native American thought. And we continue to grow and just try to touch more of who we are inside, what our essence is and why we're here... Live your light and Jesus will be cheering for you. He's no bigger than us and we're not bigger than him. We embody the same light. And to me, if you live your light, Jesus will give you a high five when you get to the other side. Sometimes take the time to ask yourself what religion is God?" *** from CNN PEOPLE IN THE NEWS Profile of Carlos Santana Aired March 13, 2004 - 11:00 ET ***