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Mom out on the Ranch in Colorado.
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Neil Christie and Bill Kheres with the 10th
Mountian Division in Po River Valley, Italy 1945...

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I have been a grateful inhabitant of the Big Island of Hawaii since 1986. I am a cannabis hemp liberation-human rights advocate.

I was a co-founder of the Hawai'i Hemp Council in 1990 and am one of the original three partners (with Aaron Anderson and Dwight Kondo) of the Hawaiian Hemp Company. In 1991, we had one of the first retail hemp stores in the world.

My mission in life includes helping to liberate the cannabis hemp plant and to help replace cannabis, the tree of life, back into the garden of Eden. May we all enjoy the rich, abundant and awakened life that is part of our Divine inheritance.

The THC Ministry is based on ancient wisdom, modern science and the enlightening and healing properties of cannabis sacrament. "A sacrament is the visible form of an invisible grace," according to St. Augustine. I invite you into a world of greater religious freedom, personal empowerment and optimum health TODAY!