Project "MK: NAOMI" Where's the blessing in this?

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Posted by Roger Christie ( on February 26, 2004 at 17:29:33:

Dear THC Ministry People and visitors,

Aloha. Welcome. E komo mai.

It's usually my pleasure to explore the 'good news' of daily life with you. Why? A spiritual principle that I believe in is this: Whatever I focus on - grows. Simple as that. I want good news to grow.

However ...

I want to communicate something different today, just for a moment. I want to get it off of my mind and help to move it on for planetary healing as I think it's the right thing to do.

The subject is "Project MK:NAOMI", the A.I.D.S. virus as a biological weapon, or WMD.

When I was trained as a US Army Intelligence Analyst (G2) at Fort Holabird, Maryland in 1970-1971 I saw evidence that we (the USA) had "ethno-specific biological weapons" in the arsenal.

When the A.I.D.S. virus appeared in the news in the mid to late 1970's I thought, uh-oh, I - might - know where that came from...Fort Dietrick, Maryland and the 'Special Cancer Virus Program' of Litton Bionetics in Uganda, Africa, among others.

I have hoped that this information was not true. I still hope it's not true, however the evidence is now too great for me to ignore. Today I am 99% convinced that our government created the A.I.D.S. virus as a biological weapon to target specific groups of people for sickness and death... homosexuals in the USA and blacks in Africa.

Some highly trained and professional people created the virus - among all the many OTHER nasty weapons that they make every day of the week. They injected it into monkeys for experimentation and transportation in a live carrier. They removed it from the monkeys upon arrival at a laboratory in the USA and put it into 'special' vaccines. Then they gave the vaccines to targeted populations.

Cannabis is still prohibited partly because it HELPS to sustain the lives of people with the virus and cancer wasting syndrome and other maladies.

It is now my prayer that a full, critical and independent look at Project MK:NAOMI will happen in the full light of public scrutiny.

I hope and trust that IF it is true that we taxpayers funded such a vicious program, that all responsible parties are brought forth to justice. Those who made it WITH KNOWLEDGE and those who delivered it WITH KNOWLEDGE and those who cover it up WITH KNOWLEDGE of its intent must be held accountable and responsible.

As I wonder where the blessing is in this very dark subject I think that it might be this: possibly the only way to stop the USA from further persecution and actions as a violent rogue nation is to expose its darkest side to the world. The disinfectant of sunlight will then turn our weapons to plowshears and our military missions to peace and harmony for all.

I give great thanks for life and love and the ability to think and reason and heal and forgive

As far as I know this information is true.

If I am wrong or misguided in my information I will apologize sincerely to anyone that I have harmed.

Thanks to the internet for worldwide communication at the push of a button.

And so it is ...

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