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1 US HI: PUB LTE: Change Marijuana Eradication PolicyThu, 24 Oct 2002
SourceWest Hawaii Today (HI) AuthorChristie, Roger AreaHawaii Lines76 Added10/24/2002


Thank you for printing the AP story, "Hawaii has worst crystal meth problem" in the U.S. and for mentioning that the Big Island has the worst of it in Hawaii. The Associated Press, U.S. Attorney Ed Kubo and you tell it like it is - almost.

The worst human tragedy in Hawaii history did not "just happen." It was thought-up, debated, approved and caused by an artificial social policy known as the "marijuana eradication program." A program which continues this very day. It is a monumental failure and now I want to know exactly, specifically - who is responsible, who is accountable, and who is liable for the damage done by this taxpayer-funded program? We were forced to pay for this debacle and suffer the loss of civil liberties, for what? For turning pot smokers into ice smokers. What a screw-up.

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2 US HI: Residents Testify Against Green Harvest ProgramWed, 09 Oct 2002
SourceWest Hawaii Today (HI) AuthorIwamoto, Karen AreaHawaii Lines71 Added10/09/2002

Concerned citizens and marijuana advocates crowded the County Council conference room Tuesday to testify against the acceptance of federal funds for Green Harvest, the island's marijuana eradication program.

Following hours of testimony, County Council members agreed to sponsor a workshop to facilitate a dialogue between the community and police. A date for the workshop was not announced.

Thirty - two people testified for more than four hours regarding police helicopters flying too low, medical marijuana plants being wrongfully seized, police using marijuana for their personal use and the need to concentrate more efforts on battling crystal methampetamine or "ice."

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3 US HI: Councilors View Video Of Pot ArrestsWed, 14 Aug 2002
SourceWest Hawaii Today (HI) AuthorEdwards, Tiffany AreaHawaii Lines124 Added08/14/2002

HILO - A couple of medical marijuana cardholders who were arrested and had their plants seized recently were among several people who testified Tuesday at a council Finance Committee meeting.

A video of last month's arrests of John and Rhonda Robison and Kealoha "Kea" Wells, and the seizure of 20 marijuana plants, also was played for councilmembers.

Wells, 30, and John Robison, 36, hold Department of Public Safety-issued medical marijuana cards as they suffer from acute lymphocytic leukemia. Rhonda Robison, 31, holds a medical marijuana card for her Charco-Marie-Tooth muscular dystrophy.

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4 US HI: Ice vs. PotWed, 31 Jul 2002
SourceHonolulu Weekly (HI) AuthorBlair, Chad AreaHawaii Lines80 Added07/31/2002

Is the statewide marijuana eradication campaign leading drug users to crystal methamphetamine? An 8-year-old study supports an ice-pot connection, and is making headlines on the Big Island, where concerned citizens are pressing county officials to junk costly Green Harvest raids in favor of cracking down on ice, aka batu ("Police violations," HW, 7/24).

The ice/pot theory is not new, nor confined to Hawai'i County. The Institute for scientific Analysis of San Francisco found that crystal meth use in Honolulu during the 1980s was replacing pot use, most pointedly in low-income areas where marijuana had become scarce and expensive due to eradication (Cover Story, "High Anxiety," HW, 10/27/99).

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5US HI: Medical Marijuana Law Yet To Realize PotentialMon, 29 Jul 2002
SourceHonolulu Advertiser (HI) AuthorHurley, Timothy AreaHawaii LinesExcerpt Added07/29/2002

When Hawai'i became the first state to enact a medical marijuana law, legislators were praised for their progressive stance on a highly controversial issue.

But two years later, the state's Medical Marijuana Program has yet to realize its full potential.

Criticized by mainstream doctors, in conflict with federal law and held in low regard by many law enforcement officials, the program continues to tip-toe around the forces that opposed its enactment in the first place.

Recent arrests of medical marijuana patients on the Big Island illustrate the problems that can occur when the program crosses paths with police more accustomed to battling marijuana in the war on drugs than upholding a law allowing limited use.

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6 US HI: PUB LTE: Green Harvest Causes 'Ice' Epidemic, CrimewaveFri, 19 Jul 2002
SourceGarden Island (HI) AuthorChristie, Roger AreaHawaii Lines54 Added07/21/2002

Aloha. Your editorial of July 8th is one for the record books. Since you praise it so highly, I dare you to report on the unintended(?) consequences of your island's marijuana eradication program.

Kauai has a raging "ice" epidemic and other negative social indicators all around and yet you pretend to wonder where they came from? Duh! From the program you praise so highly, that's where!

Just ask Dr. Patricia Morgan, Associate Professor of Public Health at U.C. Berkeley. She did the Hawai'i study connecting the dots from marijuana eradication directly to the ice epidemic from 1991 - 1994. Her telephone number is (510) 642-4861. Her email is momorgan@uclink.berkeley.edu.

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7 US HI: OPED: Finding Out The Truth Can End Hawaii's 30-YearMon, 10 Jun 2002
SourceMaui News, The (HI) AuthorChristie, Roger AreaHawaii Lines73 Added06/10/2002

The time of accountability for Hawaii's 'marijuana eradication program' has come. Horrible social, economic and environmental damage have grown for decades on the manure of prohibitionist media and journalism, DARE misinformation, police propaganda and the lack of a 'mandatory program review.' It's time to take a good, hard look at what's going on here, and repair it now for our healthy and prosperous future.

Reported and many more unreported incidents of heavily armed and violent, ninja-clad robbers looking for 'medical marijuana,' Forbes magazine declaring doing business in Hawaii is akin to 'economic suicide,' statewide poverty, the 'ice' epidemic, poisoned gardens, post-traumatic stress disorder from a terrorized rural populace, the exodus from here to anywhere - - all of these and more are examples of unintended consequences of the state's marijuana eradication program, now in its 30th year.

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8US HI: Marijuana Advocate Sues County CouncilFri, 24 May 2002
SourceHonolulu Advertiser (HI) AuthorClark, Hugh AreaHawaii LinesExcerpt Added05/26/2002

Six Hawai'i County Council members have been sued for allegedly violating the county's charter by continuing to fail to do a review of the county's marijuana enforcement program.

Roger Christie, a longtime marijuana advocate who filed the lawsuit Wednesday, had previously won part of a $75,000 out-of-court settlement for allegedly illegal enforcement actions.

The lawsuit named as defendants County Council Chairman Jimmy Arakaki and members Aaron Chung, Leningrad Elarionoff, Bobby Jean Leithead-Todd, Gary Safarik and Dominic Yagong. All are Democrats, except for Republican Elarionoff. He and Safarik are former police officers.

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9 US HI: Four Pot Advocates Show Up For Budget HearingTue, 19 Mar 2002
SourceWest Hawaii Today (HI) AuthorEdwards, Tiffany AreaHawaii Lines75 Added03/20/2002

HILO - Four out of the five people who showed up at a public hearing Monday on the county's 2002 - 03 fiscal year testified against money allocated toward "Green Harvest."

Those testifying at the hearing included marijuana advocates Roger Christie and Aaron Anderson, along with Sarah Taylor and Ina Campbell, both of Puna. The fifth attendee did not testify but sat with those who did and gestured his support for them by slapping his leg, nodding and muttering "give to 'em."

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