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Hi. In my opinion, the best religious 'defense to prosecution' for any'marijuana' charges starts with your own sincerity. Good manners andrespect for others also helps to demonstrate that you are for real.

Our Cannabis Sanctuary Kit provides you with proof of your legitimacy as a religous practitioner of Cannabis Sacrament. You become a full supporting member of the THC Ministry the moment you request your Cannabis Sanctuary Kit.

Sincerity + legitimacy = your successful religious defense to prosecution according to law.

You get the full blessing of what the THC Ministry is about:

*Practical spirituality
Minister's Sanctuary Kit:
The Minster's Sanctuary Kit includes powerful legal precedents, successful cases, a history of Roger'sreligious credentials and successful court actions and positive critiques from all the major cannabis magazines:High Times, Cannabis Culture, Heads, and Skunk.
You will receive the Minister membership I.D. cards with self-laminators for yourwallet, 2 Sanctuary signs to secure your home and garden, THC Ministry affidavit, Sacrament/Plant tags for your stash bag and plants, and all the documentation necessary to build the foundation for
your own religious freedom.

The kit has approximately 130 pages of well-researched materials with research done on the state, national and international level. It comes in a sturdy 3-ring binder.


Begin your lifetime of protection as soon as you receive your kit.

Call me at (808) 217-9352 to make your donation today.

Thank you.

Become a Supporting Member of the THC Ministry
by making your monthly donation today!

Being a member of The Hawai'i Cannabis (THC) Ministry is a primary building block of your defense to prosecution for cultivating and using cannabis for your holy sacrament in private at home or in church.
Other steps include becoming ordained as a minister and
being licensed to marry people in your state.


Our Kit Really Works!!! - Read the Testimonials

There have been ZERO convictions that we know of...


Suggested uses of the "Cannabis Sanctuary Kit"
    To protect your sacred plants and sacrament:

  1. One of the 'plant tags' can be put in your container of Sacrament. Other tags can be placed on the stems of cannabis plants in your private garden at home. These tags work in a similar fashion as a prescription label on medicines.
    To protect your home and garden:

    One Sanctuary sign can be framed and
    hung inside your front door or kept in private.
    Another Sanctuary sign can be framed and hung
    inside your greenhouse.
    These Sanctuary Signs designate your home and garden
    as a 'Place of Refuge' for the practice of
    cannabis spirituality and are legal notification
    if law enforcement ever visits.

  2. To protect your body:

    The THC Ministry identification card is to be signed, laminated and kept in your wallet or purse.
    It will protect your use of cannabis sacrament in any of
    the 50 United States and elsewhere throughout the world.
    This is your THC Ministry ID card.

  3. Court-admissible evidence:

    The Religious Rights Affidavit is located on the
    back side of the Sanctuary Sign and gives you,
    the practitioner, legal definition of your
    individual religious rights. Please read and sign it
    and make a copy for your permanent records.

    We give thanks and praise for our religious freedom
    and for all our many blessings. Mahalo ke Akua.


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