THC Ministry Update – March 13, 2010


On March 10, 2010, federal agents served search warrants on the The Hawai`i Cannabis (THC) Ministry and several other homes of religious or medical cannabis users on the Big Island of Hawai’i. The agents included representatives of the DEA, IRS and ICE assisted by the local Hawai’i Police Department. The federal government will not say what the purpose of the raids were. Those targeted by the raids remain free and have not been charged with any crime.

Roger Christie, founder of the THC Ministry, is well and in good spirits. He appreciates the federal agent’s professionalism and respect during the raid. He looks forward to the federal government finally recognizing that the THC Ministry is a legitimate religious organization.

Roger Christie says, “Our right to use Cannabis as part of our religious practice was given to us by the Creator and is protected by the U.S. Constitution and the Constitutions in every state as well as the federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act. Our members are sincere practitioners  and deserve the respect given to members of any other church.”

“Part of the Ministry’s practice is to bless our challenges. Reciting the THC Ministry Blessing helps us find the positives in any situation.”

THC Ministry Blessing

God, that’s great!

Please show us the blessings in this situation…
and hurry!

We are safe. We are loved, and all is well.

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Roger Christie
Roger Christie
Founder, THC Ministry
March 13, 2010
Hilo, Hawai’`i