Aloha. CANCER. I’m hearing about it waaaaaay too much lately. What’s REALLY going-on? Cancer seems to be increasing rapidly and we want to help disappear it to the best of our ability. I’m thinking that we need a special section on the THC Ministry website to educate people to understand cancer, prevent it … and to help heal it, too.

Link resources here:

  1. The Fitzgerald Report — Suppressed Treatments for Cancer
  2.  www.CancerTutor.com
  3. Dr. Leonard Coldwell’s book “The Only Answer For Cancer”
  4. www.PHMiracle.com all about the very simple and inexpensive “baking soda cure”
  5. www.RadicalRemission.com
  6. Ty Bollinger’s book “Cancer: Step Outside the Box”
  7. Dr. Joana Budwig’s anti-cancer diet; eat cottage cheese and flax seed oil
  8. Rick Simpson hemp oil “Phoenix Tears”
  9. Was cancer ‘weaponized’ in Project MK:NAOMI?