"Think of the
Sanctuary Kit as
Cannabis insurance"

-Roger Christie



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The State of Hawaii receives $265,000.00 in anti pot grant money from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration each year. This money is primarily used to fuel Hawaii helicopters and finance police units during "Green Harvest". The council needed to secure an undisclosed amount of money for insurance from impeachment, due to the fact that these council members voted to accept the money during a fraud case against Hawaii Police Chief Wayne Carvalho in Civil Court. Opponents of the marijuana eradication program, which began sixteen years ago, have in the past filed impeachment petitions against Mayor Stephen Yamashiro and council members over the program. Roger Christie spoke at the marijuana eradication meeting and was quoted as saying he was thrilled that the money has been returned. Christie also predicted that an increase in the supply of marijuana would decrease the use of hard drugs. Roger Christie said "where there is more pot there are less hard drugs."


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