"Think of the
Sanctuary Kit as
Cannabis insurance"

-Roger Christie



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On September 9,1999 Roger Christie successfully forced Mayor Yamashiro and six members of the Hawaii County Council to answer allegations that they "continue to willfully and repeatedly violate the spirit and letter of the Charter of the County of Hawaii and their sworn oath of office by authorizing, funding and levying a paramilitary 'civil war' (aka 'Green Harvest') upon the people and lands of the county in blatant violation of Section 3-16, Mandatory Program Review. Their actions have resulted in massive and sustained personal, familial, social, economic and cultural damage to the inhabitants of the county and the state as a whole." Chrisite's lawsuit charges also that "the defendants have engaged in deceptive political practices designed to subvert our democratic institution by voting on a 'program review' and then failing to deliver one." The petition to the court states that "Programs authorized and funded by the defendants have denied justice, destroyed domestic tranquility reduced the general welfare, created crime, encouraged hard drug abuse and lessened the blessings of liberty for all inhabitants." " County, state and federal appropriations to fund the marijuana eradication program were not 'duly made.' Obligations knowingly incurred and payments knowingly authorized by the above defendants were and still are in violation of the provisions of Hawaii County Charter Section 10-11, Paymens and Obligations Prohibited: Verifications; Penalties."



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